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So as you may have guessed, I am Angela Renea, and this page is just a little bit more about me as a person. When I was younger, I was extremely shy, and I had a public speaking teacher in high school that told me you should never introduce yourself as 'my name is...' but always as 'I am...' I've always found that a little bit awkward because my name is not who I am. It is what I am called. So this page is my 'I am'

I live in Pennsylvania, United States, and I went to Catholic school for most of my life. When I graduated high school I went to Duquesne University to study Nursing and graduated with BSN. I went on to take my NCLEX exams and failed them the first time, but I passed the second time around. I worked as an RN in a long term care facility. (Yes, that does mean a nursing home!)  I absolutely loved it there, but it was time for a change and now I work at my local hospital as a floor RN. I am married to my best friend in the entire world, Brad. We have been together for 9 years now and have been married for 1 year this June. He is not a big reader, but with some not so gentle nudging, and the right topics, he is coming around! I spend most of my time working, reading, or hanging out with Brad as we try to figure out how to adult!

I love such a wide variety of things, and I have this good and bad habit of throwing myself 100% into one thing to the exclusion of everything else, for a while. Here are some of the things that I love:

I love reading. This is probably the one thing in my life that stays constant. Even when I taper off a bit, books and reading are always important to me. I love reading books, collecting books, listening to books, sharing books, and organizing books!
In case you have not found it somewhere else on this blog here is my Goodreads

I love learning. Right now I am very enthusiastically pursuing learning to speak, and read Spanish. My grandmother is 100% Mexican and some of her siblings passed Spanish down to their families, but I did not grow up speaking Spanish in my home. But let's be honest here, I want to read the Harry Potter books in Spanish. I am self teaching using the internet site/phone app DuoLingo and if you are interested in being friends you can follow me here!

I love genealogy. It's been a few weeks since I've done anything with my family tree which I have hosted on Ancestry.com. My mother's family has been in America since before it was America and there is a whole wide variety of sources and family trees out there to research. I was excited to found out this wonderful fact because I did not know many of her family members and was worried about if I would be able to find much out without help. Ironically, my dad's side who I am very close with many extended relatives, are more recent immigrants to USA  and are a lot more difficult to make any progress on!

I am a nurse. I work as a registered nurse in a nursing home. I've only ever worked in long term care and I think that that is where my heart will always be. I particularly love how well I know my residents. They each have their own stories and particulars and it's wonderful when a resident with dementia, and who can not even remember their age, obviously remembers you to at least some degree. I feel very strongly about caring for our elderly and consider it a great honor to be entrusted with their care. I actually became a nurse on a whim, but if I think back it was books, and some wonderful home health nurses that cared for my grandmother that led me to this career. (Telling Christina Goodbye, and Zink are the two books that drew me towards nursing in case you were curious)

I am learning to craft with polymer clay! I think I had an early-mid-life crisis and was very worried about the fact that I have no marketable skills. I see everyone around me creating things (my husband is very handy with wood, his brother is quite good at drawing, his brother's girlfriend can paint like nobody's business!) and here I am just, nothing. Then I found a youtube channel of this girl creating beautiful miniature creations out of clay! So I headed over to Micheal's and to the right is my very first creation! Yah!

(More to come!)

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