Where did you get your banner?
I made it! I wanted to give my blog a little personal touch, so I used Photoshop and a photo of some of my books. I quite like the result! The font is kranky, and it's from Google fonts, I picked it because I used to write everything like that!

What's your favorite genre, author, book?

I think that my favorite genre would have to be fantasy, but I read a wide variety of books. It just happens that most of the ones I really love are fantasy (even if it's just a sub genre). I think that my favorite author would be J.K. Rowling, I know it's so predictable, but she really is the best. Not just her stories, but her writing style is beautiful. I could not possibly begin to pick one favorite book. I do have a favorites shelf on Goodreads though.

Do you make all your own images, and how do you make them?

I try to as often as I can, since this is an original blog, I think it's only fair that I make original images to go with it. I started out using Photoshop, and that is what I used for the banner, I use a lot of different brushes, depending on the image and I know for sure I've used the beautiful Swirls and Flourishes by obsidiandawn. However I recently discovered Canva which is a wonderful site, especially since I am working a lot now and do not have as much time.

Can I be your Goodreads Friend?

Sure! I love new friends on Goodreads! Anyone is welcome to request me and I usually accept everyone! You are welcome to send me recommendations, messages, and invites to your group if you think that I would like the book/group. I do ask, however, that you only request me if you are interested in being my friend, or following my reviews, and not just to promote/advertise your book, group or blog. I am always looking for someone who's reading tastes are incredibly close to mine (with a high number of books in common, and a high comparability percentage) so drop in and see where you stand! 

How often do you review books?

I try to review books whenever I finish them, but sometimes I do fall behind because it is hard to write a quality review for every book. Also I always try to remember that behind every book is an author and they deserve the respect of a fair review. That doesn't mean that I won't post a negative review, but I have held reviews from time to time, and I try to be respectful even with a book I really disliked. 

What is your reviewing policy?
I love receiving books and try to read each book I receive, if you are an author or publisher that would like to send me a book to review the best way to reach me is at my blog email (Angelarenea9@gmail.com). I love fantasy, young adult, and paranormal. I also really enjoy some mysteries, thrillers, and historical fictions, particularly if they also fall into the first category. I will occasionally read nonfiction, and memoirs particularly if it has to do with the medical field, and sometimes I will read a romance, but it almost always needs to have a subgenre listed above. If you want me to review a book within a certain time, please tell me before sending me the book so that I can determine if I am able to meet your deadline. I can not guarantee that I will enjoy your book, or that it will be a positive review, but I can promise that I will give an honest review, so please do not message me asking for a 5 star review. I will be posting all reviews to this blog, as well as to my Goodreads, and there is a possibility that I will post some or all reviews to Amazon in the future. If there is another site you would like me to post my review to, please let me know upfront. 

Have another question? Feel free to ask me by emailing me at AngelaRenea9@gmail.com or post it in the comments below!

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