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August 2015 TBR!

As promised here is my TBR post for August 2015!

If you missed my July 2015 wrap up post, I'll recap just a bit here. This is my first TBR post (following my first wrap up post). I'm not sure what people usually post on book blogs because I have just started looking at them! I started out as a lurker in Booktube but am just much more comfortable (not to mention more able financially and time wise) with a blog than a blog. 
So I'll jump right in!

Roll over from July!

So there are a few books that I started reading in July that are must finish books of August!

1. 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King - I actually finished this yesterday, but since this is for all of August I guess I'll keep it on the list! I was most of the way through it in July, but there was just enough left that it rolled over into August! So keep an eye out for that review.

2. Transformed by E.V Fairfall - I received this book from the author for review and I am really enjoying it! It has quite an interesting story line that I don't think I've ever seen before. I'm half way through this book, give or take. This book right now is my priority so look for a review in the next few days to a week!

General to read!

Now on to books that have been on my to read list for a while that I would like to try and knock out!

1. Fire by Kristin Cashore - This is the second book in the Graceling trilogy. I really enjoyed book one but I'm not really sure where this series is going. That is both exciting and a little bit discouraging, but I did enjoy book one so I'm going to give it a shot.

2. Once by Anna Carey - This is the second book in the Eve trilogy. I didn't love book one, but I did like it and there are only 3 books. So I think I'm going to take it slow and not marathon it. Some series were just meant to take in bite sized chunks.

3. Inferno by Dan Brown - This is the forth book in the Robert Langdon series and to be honest I was ready to just not read anymore. I really did not enjoy The Lost Symbol at all and had to force myself to read it, but I recently talked with a coworker who said that she also found book 3 to be not as good, but really enjoyed this one. So I'm going to give it a try! The description says it has a lot to do with Dante's Inferno which leads me to...

4. Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Well, I was going to pick a classic book to read this month so I guess it'll be this one! I've heard mixed things about this one and I usually have a lot of trouble with classics, so this might be an audiobook I listen to while I'm in the car. I have always heard classics are best read outloud!

5. Frostfire by Amanda Hocking - I've heard a lot of hype for this series, but not much about the actual books, so I'm just going to jump right in and read them. This is book one of the Kanin Chronicles. 

6. Persephone by Katlin Bevis - I just heard about this book and I must read it. Greek mythology, story of Persephone. Need I say more? No! I must read it this month!


I have a nice little list of advanced reading copies that I will be reading this month! Most of my ARCs come from NetGalley, but every once in a while I get them from Goodreads or authors!

1. Justice Buried by Hilary Thompson - This will be the next book that I start, and I'm really excited for it! It seems very interesting, and is about an underground community! 

2. Amarantox by Tam Linsey - This is the prequel book to the Botanicaust series, I'm really excited to read this book because I'm always interested in books about biological stuff, and post apocalyptic stuff! So hopefully this is really good!

3. The Banished of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler - This will be my first Muirwood novel and I'm really excited, I read on graphic novel short and it was really good, so hopefully this is just as good!

Short Stories and Novellas

1. 'Til the World Ends by Julie Kagawa book 0.5 in the Blood of Eden series - This series just ended and I've always wondered how it started, good thing there's a short for that!

2. The Seeds of Wither by Lauren DeStefano book 1.5 in The Chemical Garden series - I'm not really sure what this short is about but I really enjoyed this series so I'm going to read it!

3. Four by Veronica Roth books 0.1-0.4 in the Divergent series - Does this book really even need an explanation? I love Divergent, I love this series, I love Four, hopefully I will love this book!


These are the books that I will be reading in August, but I probably will not finish because they are part of a project!

1. Revan by Drew Karpyshyn - This is the book that I am reading with Brad, we only read a few chapters a week so this is definitely a long term project!

2. Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray - This book is my biggest shame book! It was a copy I received as an advanced reading copy in 2011! Live got in the way and it kept getting pushed back! (Plus I had to finish book 1 first!) But this year if I do nothing else I am reading this book! Why is it a project you say? Well, I loved the first book so much I actually got a few people to read it! Including my college room mate (a history major!). So now everyone is on the second book and even though we don't live together anymore, my roommie and I are reading this together a few chapters at a time! So I won't finish in August but I will finish in 2015!

3. Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm - This is a long term, won't finish this year, please don't forget about me, monster of a project! I haven't made much headway in this book but I'd like to pick it back up this month!

4. The Bible by God? - Yes you did read that right, The Bible. My college room mate who shall from this point on have a name, her name, Suzette, and I. Suzette and I, decided that we should, being that we are in our mid 20's and have been raised Christian, read the Bible. So we are. I'm done with the book of Ruth at this point and again, this is a multiple year project that I'd like to pick up again this year. 

That's 14 books and 3 projects that I'm aiming for this month, I'm not sure how far I'll get but I'm going to try for it! 
What books are you planning on reading this month? Happy reading! 

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